Patriotic Minis, Manis, and Pedis!

Well, we're off camping for the weekend...don't worry, loves, I've set up a couple of manis to post automatically while I'm gone!  But in preparation for the weekend, we did our nails today!  As a bonus, you get a video of my hobbit toes!  Yay, you!

Here's my darling daughter's festive mani/pedi combo!  Normally, she's not allowed to wear bright red or too bold of colors, so she is SUPER excited, lol.

 We used a shimmery Sally Hansen red, and Sally Hansen "Distressed Denim" over OPI "Last Friday Night" for the toes.

My mani was nice in theory, but took FOREVER to get the striping done.  I just wasn't patient enough between layers for a scotch tape mani, and had to redo it about a dozen times.  Oy.  But it turned out nice!  I used Zoya "Ibiza" and "Sooki" for the blue and red.

Now, for my hobbit toes video debut...I had to use a video for this one, because you can only get the full "fireworks" effect with movement.  Sorry for all the bg noise, you should mute it - I live in apts, and the neighbors were being kinda loud!

 That's it for now, kids!  Now go light off some fireworks and remember that freedom comes at a price, and we are lucky to have it!   Happy 4th of July!


serendipitously.create said...

It turned out so incredibly gorgeous - we just won't mention how much dang work it was (srsly going to take a picture of all this used scotch tape). The video is the BEST part - thinking I wanna see more of those...

Anutka said...

Cute! I've been trying to figure out what to do for the 4th :)

Painting Rainbows said...

Lol cute crossing the fingers. And cute kid toes! I just painted my friend's 19mo toes for the first time :D. I couldn't resist.

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