Minicure Monday (sorry so late) with friends

These were done on Monday, but it's been a hectic week so far to say the least!  I'll probably post another mani (today's) a bit later, so keep your eyes out!

This week, my little princess features Zoya "Lolly" stamped with Zoya "Happi", a quick coat of Seche Vite, and a sweet little pink gem, by Bundle Monster.

Mommy used the same stamp (a Bundle Monster one borrowed from our dear friend, Mommy Does Her Nails), but a different theme.  The base is Sally Hansen "Mint Sorbet", which was stamped with Zoya "Breezi" and Sally Hansen "Green with Envy".  I'm pretty pleased with the results, but I think I'll marble it a bit more next time...

Our friends did theirs too, here's a couple.  You'll have to check out our sister blog to see more minicures!

Claire's mini blue, with Zoya Sooki


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