Friendly Friday and mani theme of the week...

My dear girlfriends and I ( including my sister-blog, Mommy Does Her Nails) get together ever week, and among other things, we pool our polishes and nail art supplies to pretty up for the weekend.  I forgot to grab my camera so here's the results of this week, courtesy of Mommy Does Her Nails:

I redid my favorite theme of this week, because my earlier version (pictured below) got ruined by my dear darling monsters children before the topcoat set.  :)

 Expert eyes might spot that this was done with Sally Hansen "Crushed" and Zoya "Jancyn".  I love the bright, summery way these colors play off each other, so I knew I'd be revisiting them again soon - which I did, on Friday. 
I added some stamping with Zoya "Kimmy" which stamped surprisingly well!  Finished off the look with the gold - based Northern Lights Hologram topcoat, which gives it this amazing sparkle:


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