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There's some great stuff, China Glaze holographics and Lynnderella, grab bags too!



Multichrome waterfall mani

I've been wanting to try this waterfall mani for a while - using my beloved multi-chromes over black.  These just pop in a magical way when worn with a black "undies" layer, and I never wear them without something underneath to bring out their potential.

I'm pleased with the result, though next time I'll definitely use a skinnier brush for finer strokes. 
I used my go-to black, Fingerpaints "Black Expressionism", as well as ILNP "Nostalgia", "Mutagen", and "Cygnus Loop", as well as Nubar "Indigo Illusion".  Even in the bottles, these chromes are dazzling!  I'm definitely an ultra-chrome addict, I need them all.
I'm not feeling clever enough to bore you with lots of text, so please enjoy the picture spam! 
 (I love the teal I caught in this shot)
 (Direct Sunlight) 
(Direct Sunlight, again)

I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did!   Happy painting, polish lovers!

Out of hiatus!

Hello polish lovers!   I know I've been absent ALL YEAR so far, but this beauty just couldn't wait.  I stumbled across this fun polish on a "mommy needs her sanity" trip recently,  The vivid blues really caught my eye, especially with the way they were paired with the inky black hexes and dots. 

 I googled some swatches right there in the store, and realized it's more of a glitter topper, and doesn't come through as shown in the bottle on it's own, but picked it up anyway on a hunch that some black undies would bring it about.

I did not regret it.
Maybelline's Color Show "Street Art" Top Coat in "Nighttime Noise" is a real stunner.  Shown in all photos over my go - to black, Fingerpaints "Black Expressionism", this is only one coat of the Color Show polish.   I'm enchanted with it, and it seemed to pair really well with one of my other favorite recent acquisitions...my second fork ring, which I picked up last month at the Portland Saturday Market.  Wanna see???

As you can see, "Nighttime Noise" has vivid blue hexes, mini hexes, dots and bar glitters, which are paired with inky black hexes and dots.  This could easily be layered over another polish for a new look or to bring out the blue more, if you have a blue polish that matches the hue here, but for the effect in the bottle, try it over any basic black cream polish.
Definitely a pairing I'll be wearing out and about, probably on my next visit to Portland, where it's fun to bring out the funk my day to day mommy life makes challenging. 

I'm so glad I picked this one up! If you're loving the effect but dreaming of another hue, the good news is this line has a few more options!  Here's a shot from their website, showing samples (color accurate ones, too!) of Pink Splatter, Wild At Heart, Green Graffiti, Blue Beats, and the one I've shared here, Nighttime Noise.

A couple more parting shots of my manicure for you, and I hope to post more and see you soon!!

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