Inspired by: Rhapsody Earrings I now must own.

I was flipping through the catalog of a jewelry party my girl over at Mommy Does Her Nails place, for a party she is hosting next month, and I totally fell in love with these earrings. I knew I had to try to recreate their hypnotic effect on my nails...I think I came pretty close!

If you're unfamiliar with the Saran Wrap technique for nail art, I used this one as a starting point.  I was out of plastic wrap, but I found a torn up grocery bag to be an acceptable substitute.

The Lineup:  Sally Hansen "Burgundy Orchid" Nail Prisms, Zoya "Coraline", Sally Hansen "Crushed"

Layer 1:  Sally Hansen "Crushed"
(Sorry for the dry cuticles!)
2 coats of Sally Hansen "Crushed" over base coat.   The formula on mine is a bit thick, but I've had it a year or so and it doesn't get much use, so if you pick up a bottle from your local drugstore, it's probably pretty decent.
I thought, initially, this would work on it's own, but I needed it to be a little more orange - so I pulled out Zoya "Coraline" from the blogger collection (available only via Birchbox).  It's the perfect juicy orange jelly polish, and one thick coat brought the bottom layer of this manicure to the color I was aiming for.
Isn't that perfect?  Yummy, vibrant orange.

I used Sally Hansen "Burgundy Orchid" for the purple top layer - it's pretty sheer, so I had to goop on two messy thick coats before applying the crinkled bags - here's a photo:
We worry about clean-up later, it's all about getting the pattern on the nail at this point.

The older formula of this polish was great for this one, because it didn't dry too fast - but I think it might be easier to get close with Zoya's "Stacy", which would probably only need one coat.  The finished effect was REALLY vibrant, mesmerizing...everything I love on the earrings.   I call this one a success!

Right hand (indoor)
Left Hand (outdoor, shade)

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