Glitter Guilty October box review: In which I nearly murder a tree

Hello again, my blogosphere!

I'm excited to bring you another Glitter Guilty winner, this month's box featured some real beauties.  
We had some fun Halloween treats; a chocolate dipped and sprinkled graham cracker and oreo from an etsy specializing in dipped treats.  Sorry no photos of those, though, I uh..."lost" them.  Or perhaps gained them, if you catch my drift?

The polishes were so beautiful, though.  My monthly "me" polish was so alluring, I literally gasped when I saw it (after I tore open the box on the way up my driveway.  Don't drive distracted, folks, a tree nearly lost it's life for this beauty.)
(Clockwise L to R: Zoya "Kristen" with China Glaze "Poetic", Zoya "Kristen" with Julep "Sienna", Glitter Guilty "Lilac Luxe", and Zoya "Kristen" again with China Glaze "Poetic")
"Lilac Luxe" is a super pale cool lilac crelly packed with medium copper hexes, smaller gold hexes, tiny gold round glitters, copper bar glitter, and iridescent microglitter that's mostly only visible in direct lighting.  It was inspired by this photo which I found via pinterest and shared with Glitter Guilty:
Stunning yes?  And she did an amazing job of pulling it off, in my opinion. 
I chose to try and replicate the inspiration photos in my manicure with the Glitter Guilty polish as anaccent to top it all off.  The closest thing I have to this pale lilac is Zoya "Kristen", which is really more blue (sounds like a good reason for a shopping trip to me!) 
I used the same alcohol marbling technique as I've attempted previously with the gold and rose gold (again, I need to buy a few new colors!) My main beef with this technique is each polish seems to react in a new way to the alcohol, so it is hard to get a cohesive look in the manicure.
(You can see my on my pinky how the rose gold polish was trying to spot waaay differently than the yellow gold.  I had to manipulate it a lot for the other fingers featuring this polish.)

The Monthly mini this month was ALSO pretty awesome.  It's called "Something Wicked", and not only is it stunning for the holiday (Happy Halloween, folks!) but it is also the perfect summation of the beloved musical for which it was clearly named.  I had the opportunity to see "Wicked" during it's tour, and it was just absolutely stunning.  Deviant from the book, yes, but for once not in a way that left me upset.  But, I ramble...on to the polish!
(Glitter Guilty "Something Wicked")

You can expect to see this one swatched REAL soon!  I'm still ogling it.  In fact, if you've STILL not signed up for your own Glitter Guilty monthly subscription box, you can request a full size AS your monthly "me" from here on out!  You can do this with any of her in-store polishes, since she's changed the program a bit.  There will be about a dozen polish variations in the boxes, in addition to the "in store" items listed on her site.  She'll do her best to fit your likes and dislikes from those dozen creations, or put in your requested pre-made polish. 

I'm dying to see what next month brings to my mailbox!  I hope you sign up so you can get happy mail too!


Swatched: L'oreal "No Matte-r What"

Hey nail friends!   I was pretty excited to swatch this, but have to say it let me down.

(Forgive the hangnails!)
I picked up "No Matte-r What" on a random trip to Walgreens recently, and it won out over a couple other interesting looking L'oreal colors.   I didn't even look at the name, just was pulled in by the color - which in the bottle is a glossy, rich reddened beery cream.   However, three coats on the nail is a matte bright oxblood mess.   Super streaky application and a nightmare to clean up.    I could fall for the color if the formula weren't such a mess.


I wasn't even going to publish this one, but I couldn't find a single other online swatch, so here you go.   If you're advanced at tricky application with minimal clean up, you might love this one for fall, but I'm calling it a miss.

Updated photos for color: The polish paints on closer to this color!  The berry undertones completely get lost.

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