Spring Fever: Alcohol Marble

Are the flowers blooming where you are?  Here in Oregon, we've seen a small spread of Daffodils and Crocuses (croci?  Croc....whatever.)  The colors came out to play in my first attempt at alcohol marbling.  I used the tutorial provided by Partial to Polish posted here.  There are actually several methods and marbling styles available with this recent trend, some are more spotted and others are "vein-ier" like this.  What kind of alcohol used and timing make a difference - just like water marbling, it takes a bit of practice.
(Left Hand)

(Right Hand)

If you're curious, the colors used are - Zoya "Purity" (white), Essie "Kisses and Bises" (sheer green/pink duo), Sally Hansen "Mellow Yellow" (...yellow), Zoya "Shawn" (green), and Sally Hansen "Burgundy Orchid" (purple)


Liesl (lieslloves) said...

Gorgeous technique and colors! So what did you use, isopropyl or ethyl? Also, we've got early blooming tulips in our yard ♥♥♥

Constantly Undone said...

Right, that might be relevant! I just used some body spray that had alcohol in it! ;)

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