UPDATE: Indie Polish monthly subscription - Goodbye, Birchbox, Hello, Glitter Guilty!

I've ditched my birchbox in favor of something more my speed - an indie, custom nail polish subscription box.  I couldn't be more excited to share my Glitter Guilty box with you!  (Up front disclaimer - I purchased this box, and was not sent it for review :D)

The Glitter Guilty subscription is 15.99 a month, which covers shipping.  The box includes a monthly mini indie, a custom full size polish, and some chocolate (while it's cool enough to keep) or other treat.   The curator also sends out a "golden ticket" each month in a few boxes for an extra treat!  

I knew as soon as I fell across the box that I wanted one.   I roped in my good friend over at Mommy Does her Nails into getting one too. (Check out her review here)

The monthly mini in April's box was aptly named "April Showers" and is gorgeous.   A sheer grey base with holographic bits scattered throughout, and holographic hexes mixed with a few pink-to-coral shifting flowers, it applied like a dream, and built up rather nicely layered over two coats of Loreal "Cockatoo's Mystery" (which if you read me regularly, you know is my go-to grey).  This is two coats of each:

 I am not usually a fan of shaped glitters (flowers, hearts...), but this one is kind of a dream.  I love the unexpected color combo, the balance of flowers to polish, and even the holo bits mixed in.  The flowers require a bit of fishing, but they're worth the effort.

"Coral Kiss" was the name of my full size, customized polish.  I'd describe it as pale pink jelly with matte white hexes, smaller shiny fuschia hexes, and gold and red glass flecks throughout.  If I were naming it, I'd call it "Peppermint Patty" or something, it's very much red/pink/white.  When subscribing, you describe your likes and dislikes, and your polish is generated with these things taken into consideration.  I'll list my exact preferences listed after the photos of "Coral Kiss", so you can see how this fit in with my input.
 (3 Coats Coral Kiss)

 2 coats Zoya "Coraline" with two coats "Coral Kiss"

 (L to R:  2 coats "Coral Kiss" over Zoya "Sharon", OPI "Manicurist of Seville", Zoya "Purity", Fingerpaints "Black Expressionism")

As any anxious subscriber might, I'd been mad stalking Glitter Guilty's facebook page to see what everyone else had been getting, and haunting USPS' tracking site to see when my box would arrive.  So, I'll admit I was pretty dissapointed to find my polish seemed to be a pretty close duplicate to another box that had been posted (listed as "Coral Crush" by the receiver) - in fact at first I thought it was the exact same.   The glass fleck effect in mine may not be in that one, though, and it's a different name.  I haven't seen any other two polishes put out by Glitter Guilty be so close in formulation, and I can see how this polish fit the preferences I listed.   I personally feel it's pink, without any orange indication to call it coral, but that's kind of an "in the eye of the beholder" thing as well.   Trying to pull it more to my definition is why I tried it over "Coraline" and "Sharon" above.  

Overall, I'm still loving the experience.  Especially the bonus of a chocolate treat - if there's one thing I love as much as polish and coffee, it's chocolate.   The concept of the box is brilliant.   I am hopeful that the company can keep up and grow with it's own success - I imagine as more subscribers sign up, doing a personalized custom for each will be it's own challenge.  I'd also love to see a website and logo update - the kerning on "guilty" in their logo drives my occasional OCD into overdrive, and the site's a bit wonky.   The polish formulation I would describe as high quality, requiring occasional fishing, but worth the effort with a gorgeous application.  I'll be leaving my Birchbox cancelled to keep this in the budget for a few more months, at least. 

If you are as excited and intrigued by this subscription as I was, please sign up!   I'd love it if you used my name as your referral - just put "Frankie Caswell" in the referral box and you'll help me earn a box for free in the future ;)

Make sure to fill in your likes and dislikes to help shape your customized polish!  
Here's what I listed in mine this month:

Colors you love: Plum, Indigo, Nudes, Greys, Jewel tones, lately Corals
Colors you hate: Greens don't usually suit me, poopy yellows...also heart shaped glitter and shards.

For a peek at what other preferences resulted in, remember to check out Mommy Does her Nails' review of her box - I have to say, they got her custom spot on!  I'll post my box next month, along with my updated preferences.   Let me know if you sign up, and what you get!  I'd love to see more reviews, polishes, boxes, and I am wishing this program a lot of success!!!


I was pleased to receive this email from Glitter Guilty today - it addresses some of the concerns and questions mentioned in this post, and I have to say it is one of the best responses I've seen from an indie company regarding any issue.  Heck, it's more professional and well handled than a lot of well established companies.  Take note, businesses!

Here is the email: 
Hi ladies! 
I first want to thank you so much for your support as I've launched my website and attempted to "grow", especially with the Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box subscription.  I LOVE getting surprises in the mail, and thought this would be such a fun idea!  If you signed up in March and already received your April box, I hope you've enjoyed it. 
Second, I need to apologize because I used some wording on the website that may have caused a little bit of confusion on the full size bottle. While the full size bottle of polish is customized and sent according to your personal preferences, there may be a few others with the same color preferences that will recieve the same polish, especially as subscription members continue to grow.  In addition, your polish may actually be added to my collection and sold on the website.  While I would LOVE to make individual polishes for each subscriber, (and continue this each month), it takes quite a bit of time to formulate each polish, and name each one.  I hope this is understandable.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! 
Also, May's box will be our last "chocolate" box, and starting in June, I'll have another fun (non-melting)  product included instead, (which I am EXTREMELY excited about)!  Thank you so much again for your support!

I think we can all agree that this is both a great way to address the issues and questions, and that it is the only realistic expectation if the company continues to grow.   I'm looking forward to next month's box, and I hope you sign up if you aren't already on board!  Don't forget to mention my name in the referral box - Frankie Caswell!   Until next time...


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