Grumpy cat, grumpy baby, 100th post!

 There's something so loveable about some awfully unhappy characters in the world.  Angry Bunny, anyone?  The most recent and popular is, of course, Grumpy Cat.  This sour faced puss embodied my emotional state after I passed my due date with my fourth son.   I know, people have been pregnant long past their due dates from the beginning of time, but I've personally never gone over - so it felt like an eternity.  And what does a rural nesting mommy to be do once the freezer's stocked and the floors are cleaned?  She paints her nails, again, of course.

As it turned out, this is the manicure that worked.  Daniel joined us the next day, and his personality is actually pretty much the human realization of grumpy cat, so it was very appropriate.
(All the non-art nails have a happy, sparkly coat of Zoya's Sparkle Gloss coat)

On a side note, this is my 100th post!  
&hearts ya, readers!!!


Mommy Does said...

I just adore this post so much!!! Seriously it's perfect. Congrats on baby AND 100 posts doll.

Constantly Undone said...

Thank you, bestie!

KB said...

Ahhh! Tarder Sauce has poured her soul into your son. How cute! I can't believe you freehanded her face - it looks great!

Rubys Nails said...

Such a great job on grumpy cat!

Constantly Undone said...

Thank you so much for the loving! I'm encouraged by your sweet comments.

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