Nude is never out of style...

What?!?!!  Two manicures and two blog postings in two days?  Maybe I AM turning over a new leaf...but probably not :)

I did however do a new manicure today for New Year's eve - I hope you love my classy and understated holiday nail-abration!  This is Zoya "Pandora", a metallic finish nude polish with the perfect undertones for my skin, and a gradient sponging of Finger Paints "Twisted" from the new flaky line.   Oh, and these are my new sexy nude heels - I scored them at 90% off this week, woot!   Now I just need that "perfect little black dress".  Any suggestions?


Make new friends, but keep the old

I considered going all out and doing a glitter gradient manicure, very appropriate and expected for New Year's Eve - but I decided to go with something a little more "me" today, since it's my birthday today and I'm not likely to change my nails for tomorrow!  

My old friend is probably my favorite ever - Zoya "Harlow".  The new girls are Essence "Rock" topcoat, and Finger Paint's "Twisted"

If you have everything to replicate this one, you must be my polish twin or just really really addicted to everything polish.
The details:
This layering features Zoya "Harlow", a gorgeous matte plum color with a glow all her own - sorry girls, she's been discontinued, so you have to search or swap to find her.  Next, I used Finger Paint's new release, "Twisted" from their flaky collection due to be released on the 1st of January '12.  Finally, I spread a good thin layer of Essence's "Rock" topcoat, which gives the whole look a deeper smoky effect.  Sorry if you're looking for that one as well, it was not released in the US and from what I hear, it dissapeared pretty quickly overseas as well.

Christmas Inspiration: Holiday Sweater Mani

Hello there!  
I know, I know, you thought they'd sent me to the padded room, but in all actuality I've just been procrastinating, failing to photograph my manicures, and chasing the 4 very mobile children around.  
But, I knew when I saw Through the Wormhole's "Christmas Sweater Mani" I had to do something inspired by it.   PLEASE check hers out, because her freehand skills are beyond belief and mine don't compare for the time being.

That said, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out - and thanks Candice for letting me borrow your brushes!

 (Dominant Hand - I spy:  a reindeer, a christmas star, a snowflake)

(Non-Dominant Hand - I spy: a reindeer, a christmas tree, and a big mess)

For those curious on colors used:  the base is Julep "Diane", the red is Zoya "Isla", blue is Zoya "Breezi", gold is Sally Hansen "Time to Shine", the olive-green is Zoya "Dree" and the white is a Sally Hansen insta dry of Candice's that I borrowed xD

The holidays are amazing

Just another mini update:   I got my Polish Aholics Anonymous secret santa gift, from the amazing Flery Perez this last week.   Prepare to be blown away:
I am so blown away!
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