Northwest Diamonds

Today, I celebrate the Pacific Northwest's diamonds...aka, rain.   Growing up in the greater Seattle area and transplanting to Oregon, I'm a PNW native who adores the rain.

Zoya "Tao" offers the perfect stormy cloud base of pewter grey (with a nice soft metallic sheen to back it up), and Sinful Colors "Crystal Clear" glitter, densely packed with holographic diamonds and tiny dots, as well as tiny blue luminescent bar glitters.  It's like a backlit rainstorm on my nails!   Love.

More pics!   

Zoya "Tao" (MSRP 8.00) is from the 2012 fall "Smoke and Mirrors" collection has a lovely formula and is a great fall essential, understated but gorgeous with just the right  amount of sheen.

Sinful Colors "Crystal Clear" (MSRP 1.99) from their limited spring "Diamond Lust" collection has been sitting in my intrudes since I picked it up on a whim this spring.   I'm so glad I have it, though, it's surprisingly well formulated with minimal "fishing" required for diamonds, and less placement issues than most shaped glitters of this size.   It is a little on the goopy side, but not enough to make me hesitate to use it again.   If you find a bottle of this one, pick it up!

Glitter Guilty September 2013 Review

It's that time again!   September has finally arrived, and though Oregon is currently rebelling with high temperatures, my glitter guilty box brings colors that promise fall is on it's way.

My monthly "me" polish this month is called "Indigo Alchemy ".   It's got a lovely violet-denim range in the bottle, but the real magic happens as this beauty dries and reveals it's true nature - a matte polish!  

I couldn't resist playing with it, so I attempted a dot gradient, but it didn't quite come out.    

I used Sally Hansen's Nail Prism in "Burgundy Orchid", which has the most stunning duochrome color shift.  Wanna see???

I have a special place in my heart for matte polishes and hope to see more lovelies like this in Glitter Guilty's line - they are so classy and subdued without being boring, and the soft texture is so fall appropriate.  

The monthly mini (which everyone receives) is the football-themed "Tight End", a gorgeous blue jelly with loads of various blue glitters broken up by a touch of matte white glitters.  I used it over Zoya "Tao", a metallic grey.   Love!

My preferences listed for this month were as follows;

Mid to deep blue-grey, champagne, matte glitters, matte plums, indigo

Baby pink, heart glitter, too much green, orange, or brown

I'd say she was pretty spot on!   

Oh!  And the extra this month as this super cute magnet!!!!!   And next month...CHOCOLATE IS BACK!  


Baby's back to school nails!

Hey nail fans!  I've got something tiny, adorable, and fun to share with you today.

My big girl is starting her last year of elementary school this year - wild!   Her nails were suitably decorated, matching her understated leopard print pants (which she paired with a batgirl, supergirl, and wonder woman shirt), and featured Zoya Kelly (grey), Zoya Purity (white), and Zoya Cynthia (blackened teal).  Feast your eyes!

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