Grab your towel, the seas are shimmering!

I layered OPI DS Sapphire over yesterday's manicure, and the results are stunning!  I think you'll have to agree.   Really stunning, especially in the sun!

I also picked up some flocking powder, so here is my first flocked manicure.  Kinda like a beach towel, don't you think?


Pool Party!

It's sunny in Oregon!   Now, while it's only warm enough for the pool about a month and a half out of the year here, the sunshine is certainly inspiring.  My latest manicure totally reminds me of a pool party.  Or a tropical beach right before a shark attack.  Take your pick!

The base color is two coats of FingerPaints "Tiffany Imposter", new to my collection.  It's just a teeny bit dustier than it appears on camera, but this is a pretty close color representation!   Sponged down from the tips is Lynderella's discontinued "The Glittering Crowd".  I just might see what it looks like with a layer of the lovely OPI "DS Sapphire" tomorrow!!


The girl and the poet

Hello friends!   Today, I've got a lovely little combo for you with a short life expectancy.  China Glaze Poetic meets my favorite, Zoya Harlow.   This is two coats of Poetic, striping tape and then a thick coat of Harlow.  Peel off the striping tape and you've got a stunner!   Hope you love it!

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