♫The seaweed is always greener, in somebody else's lake♪

A little bit of underwater enchantment for you...

A pain to remove, but so easy to do - if you're looking for your own mermaid inspired manicure, lay down a deeply pigmented polish - I used Sally Hansen's "Teal-y Fast", a gorgeous shimmery teal shade that shines through all the glitter.  
All you do after that is dot and sponge different hued chunky glitters (Sinful Colors makes some perfect for this) until you're pleased with the effect.   Don't forget to smooth it out with a good, thick coat of seche vite!

Retro Duochrome

Today, I have something truly special for you!   I snagged this bottle of  "Amber Ruby" at the dollar tree, it was packaged with another polish - so I basically picked it up for $.50!  These babies are popping up occasionally at the dollar tree and ross, tj maxx, etc - if you find one of these "Prisms", pick it up - you won't be sorry!

On to the goodness - I did a half moon mani over Essie's "Go Overboard", with little teeny hearts.  The camera didn't really pick up the detail of the hearts, but you can get a small taste of the wonder of this polish.  Hope you love it like I do!


Springtime Blues

Hey there!   My dearest husband and I recently got our tax return, and so I did some playing, of course - and picked up some ADORABLE converse.  I was over at my friend Mommy Does Her Nails' place, putting on my snazzy new kicks, and she (being the queen of greens and teals) had the perfect shade to match my nails to these Converse.   Don'tcha just LOVE them?  So perfect for spring.
This is Julep Amy, and the accent nail is done with Zoya "Christinna" (White), Sally Hansen "Sun Kissed" (Orange) and "Mellow Yellow", Loreal "Cockatoo's Mystery" (Grey) and Sinful Colors "Secret Admirer" (Black).

One more close up of the accent nail on my right hand:
How about it, folks?  Are you dreaming of blue skies and spring blossoms?  Skirts, linens, and less hail? (Yes, it was JUST hailing here a few minutes ago.)

Nail art meh

Just a quickie here - still working at the whole "nail art" thing.   Meh.


Friendly Friday manicure spam: Family edition

Many, many the miles...
 Essie "Go Overboard" and Finger Paints "Twisted", accent unnamed Cosmetic Arts

 Various stamping with Zoya "Anja" and "Breezi"

 Butter London "All Hail the Queen" with Zoya "Anja"

Cinderella's trail

Cinderella ran off again, but she didn't leave behind shoes this time...

For those that don't know, Sinful Colors recently added this beauty, "Cinderella" to their line.  The spring sky colored beauty's real feature, though, is the gorgeous gold to pink shifting microglitter - which came out in style when sponged for today's half moon manicure.  Check out the splendor:
(Sponged over Essie "Go Overboard")

Space Cadet

Hello, space rangers!   My little sister recently pinned some galaxy nails, so I told her I'd hook her up with a spacey manicure of her own - hope you like the results!  AND, I finished shopping for the Show Me Your Mug winners, so those will go out this week too - exciting!

(Featuring Ibiza as the base, Barry M Indigo, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue as the nebulous areas, and my franken for the stars)


Yup, no alibi - this nail art came out UGLY!   I need to work at this a little more, but it too much time not to post so I"m sharing with you!   I'll break in my new brushes and have them mastered soon, I'm sure.
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