Glitter Guilty "Starry Eyed" swatches

By request, I'd love to share some swatches of "Starry Eyed", the glitter guilty custom polish that my princess received.  In my previous post, I described it as:
"Holographic baby pink circle glitters mingle with silver, hot pink, and aqua stars and a smattering of smaller hex and circle glitters in the same shades." On the nail, some shimmery microglitters also reveal themselves, as well as some "mint" colored stars.

My favorite combo was layered over Zoya "Izzy", a shimmery fuchsia delight.
The glitters were easily tamed with one thick coat of Seche Vite.  This is ONE coat, no placing needed and just a good shaking before application.

The other contenders for the mani were Zoya "Zuza", "Wednesday", "Mira", "Kendal", and Sally Hansen "White On"  I skittled my right hand for you...sorry for awkward angles!
I really loved "Starry Eyed" over all of these, and the circles came out for my right hand, but not my left.   Currently, "Starry Eyed" is not listed in Glitter Guilty's store, but if we harass her enough on her facebook page, maybe she'll add it, or do a limited run.   Another fabulous polish by Jessica at Glitter Guilty, and really a perfect match for my Princess' personality as well.  I don't know HOW she does it, but I'm sure glad she does.

Glitter Guilty - why aren't you a subscriber yet?

Behold the beauty.

I love my Glitter Guilty subscription!  If you're a follower of mine, you've probably noticed that posting my monthly box is what's keeping the blog any form of current.  I've been pretty depressed this year, and my blog has suffered, but this subscription never fails to lift my spirit!

If you're not familiar, here's the breakdown:

Glitter Guilty Subscription box
15.99 monthly
1 full size "custom" polish
1 mini "monthly" polish
1 tasty treat

-The "custom" polish is built based off the preferences listed, as well as the dislikes listed when you subscribe.  You CAN change these preferences each month.  There are about a dozen variations of polishes per month, and some I've received have been specifically built from my preferences.  You can also request any full size polish from the shop.
-The "monthly" mini is the same for all subscribers, but never fails to "wow" me. 
-The treat is always tasty, often chocolate in the winter months, and sometimes there's even a little bonus item...a pedicure fizzie and magnets have both appeared in boxes this year.

-Some subscribers each month also get a "golden ticket" - an extra polish, item, or gift certificate in their box.  But I always forget to look (though I did get a bonus polish once!) because I'm always oohing and ahhhing over my box.

-Additionally, you can score a full size of your choice if you are selected after sharing photos of your polish of the month, and you have the opportunity to score a referral bonus if you refer 2 people who subscribe for a minimum of two months.  I've received one, and it included a full size, amazing indie cuticle balm I still love.  You can earn multiple referral bonuses (so if you sign up, mention Frankie Caswell so I can score more!)

Is every month a perfect match?  Of course not - but it IS always a surprise to look forward to, and in the polish community and family, if it's not my cup of tea, I can gift it to someone else.  I've yet to have a polish that's a big miss on formula, bleeds, or has any other issues some indies struggle with.

On to the boxes...

Catching up three boxes here, two of my own and the one I ordered for my daughter's birthday, at her request.  Behold the beauty, which if you're a subscriber, you can replicate! 

(Forgive my cuticles, etc)
This combo was created with a single coat of Sally Hansen Ruby Rush (to build up over), a coat of last month's amazing mini "Sugar and Spice" by Glitter Guilty, and her mini from December "Pinecones and Holly Berries".
Here's "Sugar and Spice" on it's own, unfortunately it took 5 coats to build up to this...but I LOVE the look.  Reminds me of why I lust after OPI "Holiday Glow"

Here's the undies for my layered manicure using both.  This is Sally Hansen "Ruby Rush" (a shimmery violet) and one coat of "Sugar and Spice" by Glitter Guilty.

More photos of the layering...these two just complimented each other so well!
My now TEN year old princess wanted one for her birthday last month, so I requested that she receive one for her birthday - and Jessica went ALL OUT!   And WAIT till you see this fantastic polish.
This is how excited I get to, seriously.  If you're not subscribed, SIGN UP!

 Instead of the standard monthly mini, Jessica included the more age-appropriate "Party Hearty" which is super awesome retro neon glitter wonder.   The princess still received the matte topcoat bonus featured in November, Chuao chocolate, and bonus Barbie nail decals.  But the crowning jewel was the custom full size, "Starry Eyed".

Lust, polish lovers:
Holographic baby pink circle glitters mingle with silver, hot pink, and aqua stars and a smattering of smaller hex and circle glitters in the same shades.
Bonus!  Decals.

My own box was lovely also, featuring the above highlighted "Sugar and Spice" mini (a full size of which I'll be needing soon), and "Moon Dust", one I listed from her shop I'd be interested in receiving. 

So pretty!
"Moon Dust" is a aqua-leaning blue shimmer based glitter bomb, with holographic aqua and silver microglitters, holographic silver crescent moons.

December's full size was a whimsical winter delight, with matte white snowflake glitters..."Snowed In" also features a light crelly blue base, reflective blue hexes, holographic little hexes, tiny matte white square glitters, and microglitters in reflective blue and holographic silver.
I can't wait to see what next month, and next year for that matter, bring.  Without a doubt, several of my favorites in my collection resulted from the subscription I've come to love most. 
How could YOUR collection grow?
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