Glitter Guilty "Starry Eyed" swatches

By request, I'd love to share some swatches of "Starry Eyed", the glitter guilty custom polish that my princess received.  In my previous post, I described it as:
"Holographic baby pink circle glitters mingle with silver, hot pink, and aqua stars and a smattering of smaller hex and circle glitters in the same shades." On the nail, some shimmery microglitters also reveal themselves, as well as some "mint" colored stars.

My favorite combo was layered over Zoya "Izzy", a shimmery fuchsia delight.
The glitters were easily tamed with one thick coat of Seche Vite.  This is ONE coat, no placing needed and just a good shaking before application.

The other contenders for the mani were Zoya "Zuza", "Wednesday", "Mira", "Kendal", and Sally Hansen "White On"  I skittled my right hand for you...sorry for awkward angles!
I really loved "Starry Eyed" over all of these, and the circles came out for my right hand, but not my left.   Currently, "Starry Eyed" is not listed in Glitter Guilty's store, but if we harass her enough on her facebook page, maybe she'll add it, or do a limited run.   Another fabulous polish by Jessica at Glitter Guilty, and really a perfect match for my Princess' personality as well.  I don't know HOW she does it, but I'm sure glad she does.


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