Patriotic Minis, Manis, and Pedis!

Well, we're off camping for the weekend...don't worry, loves, I've set up a couple of manis to post automatically while I'm gone!  But in preparation for the weekend, we did our nails today!  As a bonus, you get a video of my hobbit toes!  Yay, you!

Here's my darling daughter's festive mani/pedi combo!  Normally, she's not allowed to wear bright red or too bold of colors, so she is SUPER excited, lol.

 We used a shimmery Sally Hansen red, and Sally Hansen "Distressed Denim" over OPI "Last Friday Night" for the toes.

My mani was nice in theory, but took FOREVER to get the striping done.  I just wasn't patient enough between layers for a scotch tape mani, and had to redo it about a dozen times.  Oy.  But it turned out nice!  I used Zoya "Ibiza" and "Sooki" for the blue and red.

Now, for my hobbit toes video debut...I had to use a video for this one, because you can only get the full "fireworks" effect with movement.  Sorry for all the bg noise, you should mute it - I live in apts, and the neighbors were being kinda loud!

 That's it for now, kids!  Now go light off some fireworks and remember that freedom comes at a price, and we are lucky to have it!   Happy 4th of July!


Monthly Giveaway announcement!

Hi kids!  I hate feeling like I'm all alone here in blogland (let's face it, with 3 boys under 4 and a chattery 7 year old girl, I need some adult interaction).  So, to encourage some interaction, I'll be doing a polish giveaway EVERY month.  All you have to do to be eligible is be a follower and leave me a comment. 

You can comment on any of my posts, something friendly or related to the post, and I'll choose a comment at the end of each month to send a polish to.  This starts THIS month, so all who've commented or do comment while it's still June, you're in!  Yes you may enter multiple times, but please keep it real and relevant. 

Can't wait to hear from you!  Feel free to share about this ongoing giveaway.

Saree I'm just me

These nails are inspired by a set of curtain panels I had when I was younger.  They were made from different sections of Saree material sewn together in strips.  I recently wore out a similar pair of shoes that I loved, made from different strips of ribbon.  I'm addicted to bright, delicate patterns thrown together in a kind of chaos - I guess that says something about my life.
This was a super fun mani to do, I'm sure I'll do it again and it'll come out completely differently.  If you're interested in trying it, a few tips:  Scotch tape helps keep the lines clean, seche between layers, and use duochromes for the stamping. 

Just call me Bieber...

You know, I'm pretty sure I could be a rock star.  If I wanted.  But who wants that?  People expect you to eat that nasty caviar, they post 8 zillion pictures every time you get a zit or can't find a matching pair of socks, and it's impossible to go out and get a drink with your girls without everyone trying to get your freaking autograph.  So, instead, I'll just rock this polish.  Because it's pretty gangstah, especially for the price.
 See the hint of purple?
 Teal is the predominant color that shows through
There is a definite hint of indigo too.

Now, don't ask for my autograph.  Unless I'm not drinking with my girlfriends, then I guess you can.  But if my socks don't match, then you know there'll be NO photo ops.

the kind hearted blogger pledge

I stumbled across Manicured Monkey today, and was overjoyed to find this campaign linked on her blog.  You see, although I'm a bit snarky and silly at times, I have to say that I completely agree with what this pledge is all about.  I have had my own feelings hurt on the internet a few too many times.  And I've seen far too much competitiveness and nastiness about it all.  So, I am taking the pledge.  You should too.  Unless you want the dark side to win.  And by the dark side I mean the Cylons and Jaffa.  You know I'm right.


  • create, inspire, and admire rather than compete with fellow bloggers
  • be understanding of each other-- in the blogging community, as well as in the world
  • stay away from internet/blogging bullying
  • speak my opinion freely, while still being mindful of other's feelings-- be tactful.
  • make an effort--no matter how big or small the gesture, to spread kindness or joy to others
  • acknowledge that I will make mistakes, (I am only human) but remember to learn from them
  • know that at times I will post about the negative stuff in life, and maybe even some complaining (I am only human) but I will always follow up with something happy/positive too.
  • believe that this world is a good place, filled with good people.

So, are you taking the pledge?

    Lighten up, already. It's just sushi.

    I never use yellow.   This is the only opaque yellow I currently own, and I only grabbed it because it was on super clearance.  It is NYC "Taxi Yellow Creme'", and it is streaky even after 3 coats, but it's ok for layering.  This presents a different look for China Glaze's "Cracked Medallion" crackle polish, and I was surprised to be happy with the final product.  But I am.  Kind of like sushi...except I'm still too afraid to try that.  Really, people, raw fish?

    Like a dream. On drugs. I think...I've never done drugs.

    This Manicure was inspired by my shirt today.  Except it's blue, not brown.  And there's glitter instead of sequins.  And it kind of doesn't look like it at all. 
     It features Zoya "Brizia" as the base, a pretty neutral mauvy color.  And, over that, a couple from my haul this weekend:  LA girl "Punk", which is an awesome indigo/teal/purple glitter that you can expect a swatch of soon. And, OPI "Last Friday Night", which is a super chunky blue glitter.
    I don't normally go for the super glittery freehand stuff myself.  Mostly because the 4 imps running the house don't give me time, but I'm pretty pleased with it.

    Quit peeing on the floor.

    So, I know I said I wasn't into the whole shatter thing. But then an unnamed friend of mine peed on the floor a little got a bit excited when we got exclusive early access to some of the new China Glaze metallic shatter polishes, and I borrowed hers...and like a fungal infection, it kind of grew on me.  So now, here I am, getting all worked up about them too.  This is Zoya "Ibiza" with China Glaze "Cracked Medallion".  It's a really lovely bronze shade, kind of awesome.  I painted the crackle horizontally here, in case you care.

    Then, on the rarely seen right hand, I decided to do it over another new find of mine, LA Girl "Punk", which is a really OSM teal/indigo/purple holo.  I painted the crackle in a diagonal pattern this time, you can see the difference:

    It looks pretty teal here, but I'll swatch it for you later.  It's a pretty neat color for a cheaper line.

    OK, one more showing both, just for kicks.
    Actually, for kicks and nail polish.  You already looked, now you owe me a nail polish.  Send that right in, K?

    Gosh, you shouldn't have! (AKA, mynailpolishonline.com rocks!)

    So, My Nail Polish Online is one of my favorite blogs to visit on a regular basis.  Mostly because she has the best ever nail blog layout.  I mean seriously. Go look at it right now.  Isn't it awesome?  No, really, go look.
    On top of all that, now that you've looked, you must agree that her posts are pretty awesome.  Hot manicures, well written posts, and good photos.  What more could we ask for?

    Well, lucky me, she decided to honor me by selecting me for these awards!  They are below, and I'll be passing them both on to some of my favorites, whom you absolutely MUST check out also.  Because they are all fantabulous.  Much better than eating hippos at the zoo.  Unless it's the german candy.  Then maybe as good.

    • Thank the person who gave you this award
    • Write a post about it
    • Answer to the questions below
    • Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them message to let them know
    Favorite color – Cerulean in general.  Grey is winning me over lately, though!  And I don't look great in blue, anyhow.
    Favorite Animal – Giraffes.  Much to my husband's dismay - because he hates them.  Because if you don't close the shades, they eat babies at night.  Or something.
    Favorite number – 7, 19, 21. 
    What perfume am I using right now? – Eau de Baby?
    Something you always wear with you and identifies you. – My wedding ring and babies xD
    What’s your passion? Worship, my family, and all my addictions.
    Getting or giving presents? – Why not both?
    What was the last eyeshadow you used? – Stila...some sort of shimmery taupe.
    Favorite day of the week – Friday!  Friendly Friday mani's, duhhh
    Are your nails painted right now? Yes, the pink and orange are rockin' this sunshine!

    The Bestbluxseration award.  or something.
    The rules for this one are are:
    • Link back to the person who passed you the award
    • Complete the form below
    • Share 7 random things about yourself
    • Award 15 blogs
    • Drop them a line and tell them about it

    Name you favorite color –  Yellow.  No, Blue! (10 points for getting the reference)
    Name you favorite song – Um, whichever one I'm digging at the moment.  I like flyleaf and sarah b. quite a lot.
    Name you favorite dessert - Anything from Vault 244.
    What makes you mad? – The injustice of the unicorns.  Or something else clever.
    When you’re upset you… –  Die.  It's happened quite often actually, so it's best to not get upset anymore.
    Your favorite pet - All four of them...oh wait, those are children...hmm...
    Black or white? – GREY!
    Your biggest fear is… - Being alone forever.  And spam.  Like the kind in a can.  *shifty eyes*
    Your best feature is… –  my PG13 personality xD
    Everyday attitude - 42 (again, points if you get the reference.)
    What is perfection? – My man.
    Guilty Pleasure - Vault 244!  Wooohooo!
    The 7 random things about myself:
    1.  I read books upside-down to absorb more, because I read too quickly.
    2.  I could totally win "The Voice", but I don't really want the fame.
    3.  I have four little terrors sweet children.
    4.  I have ten toes.
    5.  Once I met a man named Claude. 
    6.  That's not true, I've never met anyone named Claude. 
    7.  I sleep on the right side of the bed.  Except when Hubby is gone, then I take it all over.  And I'm a cover theif.  And that's more than seven things.  Seven is one of my favorite numbers.  I liked the show Numb3rs a bit.  But not as much as Lie To Me.  Shiny things.  Why are you still reading this?  Hippopotomii are good to eat.  But just the german candy kind, not the ones in the zoo.  I mean, I haven't tried the hippos at the zoo.  But I just assume.  Zoo fudge is good though, so if you're at the zoo you should eat that and not the Hippos.

    Now, my ladies whom I am honoring with these spifforific awards: 

    Come on, you saw this coming.  She's awesome.  Her pictures rock.  She just posted reviews of the not released China Glaze metallic crackle polishes.  And she's my sister blog.
    Snark.  Venting.  Laughter inducing satire...if you skip this one, your existence will be meaningless.
    Because I just read her entire blog.  Except the long parts when I was sleepy.  And because she bought a $100 metal chicken because her husband said no towels.  She's that awesome, so go read her blog. But make sure you come back to mine someday.  =)
    She just got to review Dashica's big image plates.  For which I hate her a little bit.  So I'm sending her this award.  Confused a bit?  Me too.
    Because her first Franken freakin' rocked.  Say that ten times fast.  And then visit her blog.  Because, you'll love it.
    Even though she already got it.  And posted.  Because of the cute pairings she does with her polishes, little look books in her posts that are really well done.
    If you don't know why already, you should.  Shame on you.  Go visit, and you'll need no further explanation.
    I'm newer to this one, but I LOVE her recent Matte Glossy Dots mani.  With style like that, this is bound to be a winner!
    I love love love this one.  She swatches colors you aren't seeing on all the other blogs, it is a fun one to follow, with a good range of brands.

    I am breaking the rules, because I'm not tagging the full number of bloggers, but please forgive me - I'm still new to it and would rather fall short of the number with integrity than just tag the first 15 blogs I find.  Also, there is a vanilla drumstick screaming my name from the freezer, and if I don't go eat it the world my be infested by Cylons or the Jaffa or something.  You wouldn't want the end of humanity to happen because I let that frozen delicacy survive.  It's for world peace, people.  *shiny eyes*  ---->World. Peace.

    Friendly Friday: Mani's and Pedi's and Crackle...oh my!

    Sorry for the hiatus, bloggers,but I had an anniversary that entailed a much needed vacation that went all kinds of comedic wrong.  Ask me, and I'll tell you all about it later. 

    But for now,  to make up for my naughty blog sin of a week of no posts, I bring to you without further ado:  Friendly Friday!  Onto the nails:

    This is the mani I had when I headed over for Friendly Fridays at my friend Mommy Does Her Nails' place.
    I used Zoya Shawn,and once it was fully dry, took some old scrapbooking stickers I had and used them to create the squiggly border,then painted Sally Hansen's Crackle in Distressed Denim.  I'm not usually one for the shatter/crackle thing, but my she has a ton of them so I decided to do it for fun.  It didn't last long, due to my nail change withdrawls, but I did like it.  If I purchase a crackle for myself,  this is probably how I'll usually rock it.

    Moving on,  I decided to try another crackle mani this morning for Friendly Friday:
    But,since I don't tend to feel the shatter thing,  I took it off before moving to my final manicure of the day.  I'll reveal that one at the end of this post.

    This is my dear Melissa's art today, featuring OPI's "Not Like the Movies".  I fid it to be very similar to Zoya "Ki",but a bit less deep, and with a really pretty shimmer.

    Even though my mother lovingly tells me I have hobbit feet,  I'm sharing my pedi with you, because I really liked how it came out.  I used Zoya "Breezi",China Glaze "Seduce Me",and Sally Hansen "Crushed"

    "Mommy Does Her Nails" does not have Hobbit feet,  they're actually rather cute.  See her fabulous Shatter Pedi?

    Mary Mary quite gorgeous did this awesome blue over purple design:

    And that brings us to my current manicure, which I kind of love.  Check it out,  do you love it too?
    It's Zoya "Jancyn" and Sinful "Dream On" stamped with Sally Hansen "Crushed". 

    Be watching for something exciting over at  Mommy Does Her Nails,  it's pretty cool!


    Minicure Monday (sorry so late) with friends

    These were done on Monday, but it's been a hectic week so far to say the least!  I'll probably post another mani (today's) a bit later, so keep your eyes out!

    This week, my little princess features Zoya "Lolly" stamped with Zoya "Happi", a quick coat of Seche Vite, and a sweet little pink gem, by Bundle Monster.

    Mommy used the same stamp (a Bundle Monster one borrowed from our dear friend, Mommy Does Her Nails), but a different theme.  The base is Sally Hansen "Mint Sorbet", which was stamped with Zoya "Breezi" and Sally Hansen "Green with Envy".  I'm pretty pleased with the results, but I think I'll marble it a bit more next time...

    Our friends did theirs too, here's a couple.  You'll have to check out our sister blog to see more minicures!

    Claire's mini blue, with Zoya Sooki


    Back by popular demand: Zoya Ki

    So, the results of the poll are in:  today's mani features Ki!  Mystery wins over with the sometimes purple, sometimes green, occasionally undefinable duochrome appeal of this Zoya lovely.  I decided to bring out the green a bit more this time by pairing it with Sinful Color's "Happy Ending" green, and a bundle monster gem. 

    Without further ado, the results!

     A good solid covering of Zoya "Ki" - this is about 4 coats.

    If you love my blog, please follow!

    Naturally Neutral

    It's truly hard to believe that at the beginning of this year, I'd never heard of Zoya nail polish.  Now, I rarely purchase anything else, though I never thought I'd be putting down $8 a bottle for a nail color, plus shipping since it's not found locally (yet).  But, earlier this year, the company gave away 3 free bottles of polish to ALL their facebook fans. 

    Now, being the deal lover that I am, I figured I'd get three that I may not otherwise buy, and that would be it.  But, no, their formula and colors have completely won me over.  Today I'm featuring one of my original 3 free polishes, Brizia.  She's a neutral, mauvy-taupe color with a silver reflection that is oh-so-subtle.

     She is paired today with a stamping of Poppy, a sweet coral with a little sheen.

    Oh, and if you are dying to get your hands on some Zoya polishes (you really should be by now), keep an eye on their blog.  I heard a rumor something will be happening there on Monday!

    Purple Pedi

    They may be a bit bashful, but my toes are making their opening appearance today.  Featuring Zoya Keiko and Mira, and stamped with an unnamed green from Claire's, finished off by a Bundle Monster gem and a quick coat of Seche Vite.  Perfect for flip flops!

    The Fox and The Hound...

    An unlikely pairing, for sure...but which is which?  I've been dying to play a bit more with Zoya's "Ki", which you may remember from my first post.  Stamping, it came out a bit sheer.  But here, with 3 coats, we've reached full opacity, and it is like an oil spill on your nails, but in a good way.
    Pairing with an unlikely compliment of Zoya "Stacy" as a french tip, I'm pretty pleased with the results.

    See what I mean?  Ki is green, then purple, then some undefinable mix of it all.  Do you love it like I do?

    A brighter day!

    The weather hasn't realized that we're approaching summer yet, but I have - so I decided to go ahead and brighten up my nails.  I pulled out Zoya "Mitzi", from the Mod Mattes collection - a fun, lime colored matte that I don't wear often, but is plenty playful.  Top it off with some polka dot tips with my MASH plates, using Sinful Colors "Love Nails", and we're good to go for another day!

    P.S.  Please pardon my sloppy thumb!
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