Naturally Neutral

It's truly hard to believe that at the beginning of this year, I'd never heard of Zoya nail polish.  Now, I rarely purchase anything else, though I never thought I'd be putting down $8 a bottle for a nail color, plus shipping since it's not found locally (yet).  But, earlier this year, the company gave away 3 free bottles of polish to ALL their facebook fans. 

Now, being the deal lover that I am, I figured I'd get three that I may not otherwise buy, and that would be it.  But, no, their formula and colors have completely won me over.  Today I'm featuring one of my original 3 free polishes, Brizia.  She's a neutral, mauvy-taupe color with a silver reflection that is oh-so-subtle.

 She is paired today with a stamping of Poppy, a sweet coral with a little sheen.

Oh, and if you are dying to get your hands on some Zoya polishes (you really should be by now), keep an eye on their blog.  I heard a rumor something will be happening there on Monday!


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