Gosh, you shouldn't have! (AKA, mynailpolishonline.com rocks!)

So, My Nail Polish Online is one of my favorite blogs to visit on a regular basis.  Mostly because she has the best ever nail blog layout.  I mean seriously. Go look at it right now.  Isn't it awesome?  No, really, go look.
On top of all that, now that you've looked, you must agree that her posts are pretty awesome.  Hot manicures, well written posts, and good photos.  What more could we ask for?

Well, lucky me, she decided to honor me by selecting me for these awards!  They are below, and I'll be passing them both on to some of my favorites, whom you absolutely MUST check out also.  Because they are all fantabulous.  Much better than eating hippos at the zoo.  Unless it's the german candy.  Then maybe as good.

• Thank the person who gave you this award
• Write a post about it
• Answer to the questions below
• Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them message to let them know
Favorite color – Cerulean in general.  Grey is winning me over lately, though!  And I don't look great in blue, anyhow.
Favorite Animal – Giraffes.  Much to my husband's dismay - because he hates them.  Because if you don't close the shades, they eat babies at night.  Or something.
Favorite number – 7, 19, 21. 
What perfume am I using right now? – Eau de Baby?
Something you always wear with you and identifies you. – My wedding ring and babies xD
What’s your passion? Worship, my family, and all my addictions.
Getting or giving presents? – Why not both?
What was the last eyeshadow you used? – Stila...some sort of shimmery taupe.
Favorite day of the week – Friday!  Friendly Friday mani's, duhhh
Are your nails painted right now? Yes, the pink and orange are rockin' this sunshine!

The Bestbluxseration award.  or something.
The rules for this one are are:
• Link back to the person who passed you the award
• Complete the form below
• Share 7 random things about yourself
• Award 15 blogs
• Drop them a line and tell them about it

Name you favorite color –  Yellow.  No, Blue! (10 points for getting the reference)
Name you favorite song – Um, whichever one I'm digging at the moment.  I like flyleaf and sarah b. quite a lot.
Name you favorite dessert - Anything from Vault 244.
What makes you mad? – The injustice of the unicorns.  Or something else clever.
When you’re upset you… –  Die.  It's happened quite often actually, so it's best to not get upset anymore.
Your favorite pet - All four of them...oh wait, those are children...hmm...
Black or white? – GREY!
Your biggest fear is… - Being alone forever.  And spam.  Like the kind in a can.  *shifty eyes*
Your best feature is… –  my PG13 personality xD
Everyday attitude - 42 (again, points if you get the reference.)
What is perfection? – My man.
Guilty Pleasure - Vault 244!  Wooohooo!
The 7 random things about myself:
1.  I read books upside-down to absorb more, because I read too quickly.
2.  I could totally win "The Voice", but I don't really want the fame.
3.  I have four little terrors sweet children.
4.  I have ten toes.
5.  Once I met a man named Claude. 
6.  That's not true, I've never met anyone named Claude. 
7.  I sleep on the right side of the bed.  Except when Hubby is gone, then I take it all over.  And I'm a cover theif.  And that's more than seven things.  Seven is one of my favorite numbers.  I liked the show Numb3rs a bit.  But not as much as Lie To Me.  Shiny things.  Why are you still reading this?  Hippopotomii are good to eat.  But just the german candy kind, not the ones in the zoo.  I mean, I haven't tried the hippos at the zoo.  But I just assume.  Zoo fudge is good though, so if you're at the zoo you should eat that and not the Hippos.

Now, my ladies whom I am honoring with these spifforific awards: 

Come on, you saw this coming.  She's awesome.  Her pictures rock.  She just posted reviews of the not released China Glaze metallic crackle polishes.  And she's my sister blog.
Snark.  Venting.  Laughter inducing satire...if you skip this one, your existence will be meaningless.
Because I just read her entire blog.  Except the long parts when I was sleepy.  And because she bought a $100 metal chicken because her husband said no towels.  She's that awesome, so go read her blog. But make sure you come back to mine someday.  =)
She just got to review Dashica's big image plates.  For which I hate her a little bit.  So I'm sending her this award.  Confused a bit?  Me too.
Because her first Franken freakin' rocked.  Say that ten times fast.  And then visit her blog.  Because, you'll love it.
Even though she already got it.  And posted.  Because of the cute pairings she does with her polishes, little look books in her posts that are really well done.
If you don't know why already, you should.  Shame on you.  Go visit, and you'll need no further explanation.
I'm newer to this one, but I LOVE her recent Matte Glossy Dots mani.  With style like that, this is bound to be a winner!
I love love love this one.  She swatches colors you aren't seeing on all the other blogs, it is a fun one to follow, with a good range of brands.

I am breaking the rules, because I'm not tagging the full number of bloggers, but please forgive me - I'm still new to it and would rather fall short of the number with integrity than just tag the first 15 blogs I find.  Also, there is a vanilla drumstick screaming my name from the freezer, and if I don't go eat it the world my be infested by Cylons or the Jaffa or something.  You wouldn't want the end of humanity to happen because I let that frozen delicacy survive.  It's for world peace, people.  *shiny eyes*  ---->World. Peace.


Hayley said...

Thanks for passing on the award to me! so sweet :)

KayJay said...

Awww...thanks for the award!!! Following you now :)

Constantly Undone said...

You are both welcome and SO deserving. Keep up the gorgeous work!

shimmerspark.com said...

Oh yay!!! Thank you so so much, that's so nice of you! :)

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