Like a dream. On drugs. I think...I've never done drugs.

This Manicure was inspired by my shirt today.  Except it's blue, not brown.  And there's glitter instead of sequins.  And it kind of doesn't look like it at all. 
 It features Zoya "Brizia" as the base, a pretty neutral mauvy color.  And, over that, a couple from my haul this weekend:  LA girl "Punk", which is an awesome indigo/teal/purple glitter that you can expect a swatch of soon. And, OPI "Last Friday Night", which is a super chunky blue glitter.
I don't normally go for the super glittery freehand stuff myself.  Mostly because the 4 imps running the house don't give me time, but I'm pretty pleased with it.


shimmerspark.com said...

That subject line cracked me up, like out loud.

And I just want to say I agree very much with this:
*Coffee > Food.

Constantly Undone said...

Aw, thanks! I was reading through my older posts and realized my voice wasn't coming through at all. So now I'm trying to write more like I'd talk to my girlfriends.

And coffee is from Jesus, that's how I know he loves me. Cuz he keeps me caffienated. Caffienation=sanity.

Shivy said...

I really like the blue on your nails, especially the design. I would really like to know how you did this.

Constantly Undone said...

Thanks! Maybe I'll do it again with a step by step :)

Liesl (lieslloves) said...

Looks great! You totally need to do a tutorial. :) Nice title and opener, too... lol.

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