Retro Duochrome

Today, I have something truly special for you!   I snagged this bottle of  "Amber Ruby" at the dollar tree, it was packaged with another polish - so I basically picked it up for $.50!  These babies are popping up occasionally at the dollar tree and ross, tj maxx, etc - if you find one of these "Prisms", pick it up - you won't be sorry!

On to the goodness - I did a half moon mani over Essie's "Go Overboard", with little teeny hearts.  The camera didn't really pick up the detail of the hearts, but you can get a small taste of the wonder of this polish.  Hope you love it like I do!


Liesl said...

**Love** the Prisms! And, thanks to you, I won't be spending $13 for one on Amazon again ;)
Pretty color combo, too!

Heather Selby said...

I think you should come do my nails!

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