Swatched: L'oreal "No Matte-r What"

Hey nail friends!   I was pretty excited to swatch this, but have to say it let me down.

(Forgive the hangnails!)
I picked up "No Matte-r What" on a random trip to Walgreens recently, and it won out over a couple other interesting looking L'oreal colors.   I didn't even look at the name, just was pulled in by the color - which in the bottle is a glossy, rich reddened beery cream.   However, three coats on the nail is a matte bright oxblood mess.   Super streaky application and a nightmare to clean up.    I could fall for the color if the formula weren't such a mess.


I wasn't even going to publish this one, but I couldn't find a single other online swatch, so here you go.   If you're advanced at tricky application with minimal clean up, you might love this one for fall, but I'm calling it a miss.

Updated photos for color: The polish paints on closer to this color!  The berry undertones completely get lost.


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