Sneak peek and random ramblings of a crazy pregnant lady...

Hi nail friends!   I'm suffering from the insanity of being 39+ weeks pregnant, and having never gone to the full 40 weeks I have to say, it's torture.  So, any distraction is welcome...especially if it's a nail distraction in the form of a first look at Zoya's Summer 2013 collection!

The Girly Tomboy posted this lovely photo this morning.  I have been waiting for this since I'm not super into the Pixies that they've shown (though they are gorgeous, too)!  Are you as excited for these cheerful summer brights as I am????

I'm super in love with the name Hazel, and intrigued by the color.  Cannot WAIT to see some swatches!  I'm also betting Yana is going to be a win for my super-pale skin tone.  Which one are you drawn to? 

Here's a look at the pixies, in case you haven't seen them:
If you have an itch to purchase some of the pixies, or some of the pre-summer colors, take advantage of one of their promos running right now!   $1 shipping special using code "QQQ" through Friday March 22nd 2013, or if you'd like some of their ADORABLE minis, pictured below.


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