Plum Lovin'!

Love and Beauty "Purple/Multi"

Gotta love the thought they put into these names, eh?  However, for the prices and indie-like quality of some of their creations, the polish world has embraced Forever 21's polish collection.  I'm in love with this one - being partial to purples, the jelly plum base stole my heart, despite a slightly finicky formula.

You see, one coat hardly dispersed any glitter, and was a rather streaky mess.   I'd guess it could benefit from some thinner, but I've currently got none, so I can't test the theory.

The second coat placed a lot more of the hexes though - all the same size, but a number of colors - blush, magenta, emerald, sapphire, and gold.   Really eye catching and fun!  Plus, the base deepens to this luscious color I can't help but adore.

I also recently picked up China Glaze "Matte Magic", so I threw a coat of that over the final product.  This really brings out the colors of the hexes...love it!


Liesl (lieslloves) said...

That base color is gorgie!! It looks incredibly cool mattified. I need to get up to Washington Square again soon, lol.

Constantly Undone said...

I know, I'm such a sucker for the plum range of colors! And I love that mall...LUSH, Sephora, F21...sighhhh....

Mommy Does said...

I still haven't tried this one but the jelly base *swoon*

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