Peek a boo mani redraw, and sad news

Hello bloggers and readers,

Sorry I've been MIA, unfortunately my cancer ridden computer died on the operating table. I am relagated to my wonderful husband's iPad, which is pretty much useless in combination with my Nikon. We're working on a fix, and I'm keeping photos of some amazing mani's to share with you soon - including my daughter's FABULOUS back to school manicure.

But now, on to the good news! I have redrawn my Peek A Boo mani winner, since Ace never got back to me. Ashley G has a blog, so I'm sure she'll send me her address at MaMaCaswell@gmail really soon.

Also, until I get to a working Nikon compatible computer, I'll be having some guest blogs, this is a great way to see some new mani styles and get hooked on their blogs too! Keep your eyes peeled, and thanks for your comments!!!


Ashley G. said...

Thank you so much! I just sent you an email

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