The Ladies of Winter...my first Franken'd series!

I had a lot of fun making some Frankenpolishes the other day, and I am happy to introduce them to you today!  Winter tones that layer well, let me introduce:
(From L to R:  Bieber Groupie, Dark Fairy, and Ice Queen)

"Bieber Groupie" is a duochrome periwinkle with a good sprinkling of fine holographic glitter and a teensy bit of hex holographic glitter.  Sheer with the cool duochrome showing it's power in one coat, and opaque and ready for a face to face Bieber sighting in three, this color is loads of fun.  

Next, let me introduce "Ice Queen", a sugared up hint of frost shade even the white witch would rock while trolling through Narnia.   This one is sheer enough to luke nude until you enter the light, when the sheen of pearlescent white and flash of holo glitter take over.  In three there's been a good layering of snow sparkling in the sunlight.

Finally, meet "Dark Fairy", a carbon black beauty with a hidden brushing of cobalt pixie dust.  Sophisticated and mysterious, this beauty stands alone.  Streaky in one coat, but smooth and opaque in two, I'll be using this beauty up in no time.

But the real fun, nail fans, came in layering these.  Observe, "Bieber Groupie" over "Dark Fairy" 
compared to "Dark Fairy" alone:
(And the same layering next to "Bieber Groupie" alone)
See how that just pops?  WOW!   I will admit, I'm impressed with myself xD

OK, once more, here are the colors alone.  Which is your fave?


Mooni said...

All 3 are gorgeous but I love the layering, OMG soooo pretty !!! You did an amazing job on these :)

Nail Designs xox said...

Wow these came out amazing!! Your dark blue looks like it could be a close color to China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic!

Constantly Undone said...

Thanks ladies! I will have to check out Rodeo Fanatic, is it hard to find? Maybe I'll swatch them side by side!

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