Birchbox: September 2011

Hi friends!

I hadn't decided whether or not to review my birchboxes here, but so far I have not seen any posts this month for them, and mine included nail treats, so I'll go ahead.

You may remember my frustration earlier with the customer service - the jury's still out on that aspect.  I have yet to receive a shipping notification for ANY of the three boxes I've received, and I have been watching like a hawk for this one.  They did award me some extra "points" (100 points = $10 for the BirchBox store), I assume as an apology for the mess of things earlier.

Anyhow, on to the box...I was very excited because this is the 1 year anniversary of BirchBox's launch, so there was a lot of buzz, but they've been very hush hush about it.  I picked mine up this evening with my mail, and here's what I found:
Let's take a closer look, shall we?  Here's the invoice card with a little more info about everything:

First up:  Adventurous Incoco Nail Polish Applique strips (7.99 - 10.99)
I am really excited they included these, I've been dreaming of some since the Cynthia Rowley head to toe box was available on Birchbox.  These ones aren't necessarily a pattern I would have picked myself, but they are really cute and have a nice sheen to them.  Since I have small nails, I could almost use one strip for three of my nails, they are a great size.  Debating whether to try them, give them to a good friend, or offer them with a giveaway.  Keep your eyes peeled!

Next, we've got Jouer Lip Enhancer (14.00)
Sorry, this one was hard to photograph.  The picture above is better, but this very much reminded me of Mary Kay's lip treatment.  It has a nice scent, no tingling or other strange sensations - and 20 minutes later still feels nice on my lips.

Eco-Minded LIV GRN perfume ($60)
The card says this perfume is made from sustainable ingredients.  It's pleasant, but smells artificial to me in that way that perfumes tend to, so I will most likely pass this one on.

Pangea Organics Facial Cream ($36)
I am very excited to try this one out, I've had my eye on Pangea for a while.  It's a good sized sample, too!

And last, but not least, was the bonus item - this time it's a really cute "Birchbox Friendship Bracelet".  I've seen a similarly styled bracelet on Pinterest with a heart, this one is a brushed sterling silver (I assume) in the shape of Birchbox's logo, with a fuschia string.  It's adjustable, and really pretty on.  Love it!
All in all, I am pretty pleased!  If you are interested, you can sign up for Birchbox for $10 a month, cancel anytime.  Sign up using my link and you'll get me some bonus points, too! 


Sara said...

Thanks for posting your Sept box. I just found your blog and must say I love it. The pics in your post about birchbox customer service were awesome!

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