Woohoo! I'm back!!!! With the princess' Back to School mani!

So I finally have a PC to post from...we'll see how long it lasts, as it's sort of a franken itself, but I have been waiting to share my sweet girl's back to school mani.  She started 3rd grade this year, and we matched her nails to the outfit she chose for the first day.  What do you think?
 (Personally, I wish this shirt came in my size)


Olivia C. said...

Cute nails & cute outfit! That shirt is just adorable! :)

BubblyFairy said...

aww how cute, and she is adorable love her scarf, i know what you mean about the shirt I always see really cute stuff in the the girls section wish they made them for us too

slanea01 said...

She is too cute. I'm sure her girl classmates loved her nails.

serendipitously.create said...

Oh my word mommy she looks so stinkin' cute...and grown up *winks* for the record I'd like this shirt in my size too.

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