Reviews and swatches: Huemorista polishes

I know I promised these forever ago, I hope you'll forgive me!   I was so excited to get the Huemorista polishes, and there are not very many reviews on them.  I ordered "Hidden Rainbow", "Unzipped", "Midnight Invite", "Sex on the Moon" and "Promise Ring". 

First up:  The ever popular "Hidden Rainbow:
Here is the promotional picture from Huemorista's Etsy site:
Described as "Very light gray with multi-colored glitter particles and more medium-sized round glitters as well." The polish in person is closer to the description than her photos, definately grey and not white, with a good sprinkling of smaller glitters and a few larger ones.  This has been compared to Deborah Lippmann's "Glitter in the Air", which may explain it's popularity.
(4 coats - 1 coat)

Next up:  Sex on the Moon
Promotional Picture
She describes this one as "Dusty purple based gray with a fuschia flash and opalescent flakies"
The texture in the promotional photo is quite a bit different from what I get when I paint it out, and it's much less of a purple/grey duo than a muted dusty purple for me.  That said, it is very pretty and the glitter is pretty eye catching!
(1 coat - 4 coats)

Promise Ring is next!  This one is really neat in the bottle, with holographic glitter coating the edges of the sweet gold paint. 
Promotional photo
I love this one, and it's great for layering.   Less of a glistening gold than I see in her pics (though there is a Julep I've seen paint out that way), but still really sweet and gorgeous.  She describes this one as "Brilliant foily silvery gold with holographic glitter and medium size round glitter particles throughout"
 (4 coats - 1 coat)

Fourth, let's take a look at "Unzipped", an intriguing griege with a metallic sheen.
Promotional photo
Explained as "Denim blue meets charcoal gray with an orange shimmer", I don't find any of the blue in here.  I do LOVE this one on my nails (I'm wearing it now), but wish the orange came out a bit more.  It is not as dark charcoaled grey for me as in her photos.
(4 coats - 1 coat)

Last, but certainly not least, is "Midnight Invite"
Promotional photo
"Midnight blue jelly-finish with opalescent flakies and bright aqua glitter particles" says Huemorista, and it truly is a gorgeous, glittered jelly!  I'd call it more of a cerulean than midnight, but this and "Unzipped" top my favorites list, by far.
(4 coats - 1 coat)

Overall review:  I wish that the photos weren't so altered that the color came out distorted - trust the description over the pics when ordering.  They all paint out beautifully, though the hex glitters tend to get stuck to the bottle, perhaps a suspension base would help with this.  The colors are unique and gorgeous, and I find myself hording them for sure.
In the future, I will most likely just order 3 of the same color, as they are sold in sets of 3 tiny bottles, and I'd rather have an average size of the ones I love.  I do wish it were an option to order 1 15ml bottle of a single color, instead.  Finally, for all the obvious work in marketing, editing, and the genius of creating these beauties, the packaging is a bit "arts and craftsy" to me, not in a great way.  I think simply getting a custom stencil made to etch a logo onto the bottle would keep it custom and classy, as opposed to the taped on labels and tags.

I encourage you, readers, to order from Huemorista, support her small business and tell her I sent you!  These are fun little treasures that any polish hoarder should keep in their secret collection.

 (Photo for size comparison)


slanea01 said...

I'm not a fan of glitters, but Unzipped and Promise Ring are gorgeous.

serendipitously.create said...

*Dies* Pretty much love these little lovelies although, honestly, I found Hidden Rainbow to be a little lacking...

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