When indie rockstars collide...

Indie polish goddesses of the polish world:   Pam at Girly Bits, Jody at Soflajo,  Jayna at Huemorista, Lynn of Lynnderella available at Llarowe, Jenna at Lacquistry, Ashley at Polished Components...just a few of the amazing polish makers I am currently in love with.  There are more, to be sure - but I bring them up because two of these have caused the wonder that is my current manicure.  

I bring you Huemorista's "Midnight Invite" coupled with Lynderella "The Glittering Crowd".   Pure wonder.   The deep jelly blue and exotic glitter mix of Midnight invite rests blissfully below the gem like wonder of The Glittering Crowd.   I imagine the Lady of the Lake would approve.
I've had my Huemorista polishes about six months now, and unfortunately the glitter has settled pretty badly.   I had to do some serious shaking to get it mixed in, and a large portion of it is still stuck in the same spot it was.   I do LOVE this color, as well as "unzipped".  The Lynnderella's apply like a dream so far.


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