St. Patty's Day Mystery Box by Julep

A good Irish girl loves a bit of mystery - and I've got a fair amount of Irish blood in my (evidenced by my lily white skin that burns and then turns right back to "twilight vampire white").  So how could I resist a chance to get one of Julep's fabulous mystery boxes?  As a maven, I got this for 19.99.  I'll tell you more about the maven program in a minute, but first, the box - I am pretty happy with the results!

 Let's take a closer look, shall we?
This box included 1 oz of Julep's Glycolic Hand Scrub, 1 oz of their Age Defying Hand Brightener, Base coat (the transluscent pinkish bottle you see), a crystal nail file, and three of their colors - two from the March box, if I'm not mistaken - Melissa, Sofia, and Hayden.  I had to skip my March box but I was wishing for Hayden and Melissa, so I'm thrilled.  The box also contained five "chocolate coins", but the girls at Julep must have been curious, because one arrived unwrapped - ew!  That's not such a big deal since I was in it for the polish, but it's enough to make me not eat any of them...

HAYDEN is a bright, happy apricot color.  This one is such a beautiful, modern, springtime color.
SOFIA is like easter grass - a cheerful green bordering on pastel, with fun iridescent blue green glitter of a medium size in it.  Super fun.
MELISSA is a unique, white based polish with a flashy aqua sheen in it.   You can find an excellent example of this one on a recent post by my good friend, Mommy Does Her Nails (keep an eye out for HER mystery box too!)

The Maven program is a subscription service where you get to receive a box every month with new nail polishes.   You begin with a survey of your beauty tastes, and it suggests a box for you - you may opt into a different box if you're not crazy about the contents of yours.   It's a fabulous way to get new colors in your collection.  While not always unique, I fall for every single color I put on - but I generally don't love them on the website until I see them in person.   They are 3 free (safer for your nails than traditional polishes have been) and the box usually includes some other items - nail care products, other beauty things, etc.  

There are most often 2-3 colors of polish per box.  You also have the option to skip months, which is nice - AND you get a preview of your, and other boxes BEFORE they ship, with plenty of time to swap boxes or skip the month.   You also earn referral credits for friends who sign up - every two people who sign up with your referral link earns you a free month's box.  I've earned one free month this way.   Otherwise, the cost is 19.99 per month.

This cost gets you your box, shipped - which is a retail value of 40.00 of product.  It also gives you the benefit of 20% off Julep store purchases, free shipping on their product, and access to deals like the mystery box I received here.

If you want to take the quiz just for fun, or sign up to be a maven, you can click here to use my referral link.  Now, excuse me while I strip off my manicure and get to using these GORGEOUS polishes!


Heather Selby said...

So pretty! I love nail polish but I never seem to be able to get around to putting it on. You have made me want to go start doing my nails!

Liesl (lieslloves) said...

I really like Melissa... maybe it'll show up in an American Beauty box sometime. You should do a swatch of Hayden-- it looks intense.

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