Blood and Diamonds...

Thanks my amazing friend Yezenia from my birthday club, I got a hold of some of the mythical "Lynnderella" polishes - "Mercurial", "Shapeshifter", and "The Glittering Crowd". 

I layered two coats of "Shapeshifter" over Zoya "Stacy".  I love the randomocity of Lynnderella polishes, which results from the number of different glitters she mixes to create her lacquers. 
Photo spam time!!!!!!

I'm so nice, I let my sister play too!   This is one coat of "Mercurial" over DS Sapphire.
(BTW look at "Shapeshifter" in the background - STUNNING!)

Keep an eye out for a post on "The Glittering Crowd" soon!
 There's a lot of controversy surrounding these polishes lately, and those who have duplicated them.   I can understand having hurt feelings about people profiting from recreating your original concepts, but business is business.   I'm sure there will be those working on creating frankening bases due to the current demand also - but where there is demand, it will be met one way or another.


Jackie said...

Looks gorgeous!!

serendipitously.create said...

Hey friend *bats eyes* Soooooo will I be seeing any of these this week...you know....in passing or something *innocent look* This mani is sensational!!

Liesl (lieslloves) said...

You got some Lynns, you lucky duck! Good ones, too. I can't wait to see a Mercurial mani!

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