Vampires don't tan

The title may confuse you, but allow me to illustrate.  You see I have this Vampiric Irish skin that just stays white.  It's white, white, occasionally turns bright red and then just goes white again.  The point being, I love tan polishes - in the bottle.  I expect them to be a nice nude look, but they may as well be dark chocolate for how they contrast with my skin.  This is OPI "San Tan-tonio":
I couldn't handle the contrast, so I softened it up a bit with Zoya "Erin" which is a super pale nude color with a bit of shimmer in it.  It totally did the trick, I would definitely be more likely to rock this mani.


Olivia C. said...

I like the color! I think it looks good on you! And topped with the shimmery polish, it looks even better! I'd really like to try out some of the Texas collection polishes. All the ones I've seen look great!

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