Sparkle up your world

So I seem to have this problem lately, where I like a bunch of chunky glitter on my nails.  I"ve never been a chunky glitter girl, so you can see where this might be disturbing.  It's kind of like one of those strange dreams, where you are from the point of view that is not you...like once, I am pretty sure I was Beyonce in my dream.  Yeah, that one's a stretch ;)

So, this is my first chunky glitter layering for the blog!  This is Zoya "Keiko" with Sinful Colors "Nail Junkie" layered over the top (fitting, yes?)
 But, of course, the real magic happens in the sunlight.  Observe:
In conclusion, I think I'll be doing more layering.  And exploring more chunkies.  xD


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