Minicure Monday: Shatter my world

So, the shatter/crackle trend has officially taken over.  All it took was this:  the color purple.  See, my little princess has a certain obsession with purple (followed only by her obsession with pink, and topped only by her sweet tooth.)

We were over at Mommy Does Her Nails' house, so we stole a few of her colors for this one.  On the bottom is Zoya "Apple", a blue LA Color Glaze glitter polish, and then China Glaze Fault Line crackle. 

 So, for mommy's matching manicure, I pulled out my China Glaze "Cracked Medallion" and slapped it on over Sally Hansen "Crushed".  It's wild, and a totally perfect look for summertime.  Hope you enjoy!


Shivy said...

Any shatter/crackle applying tips? I have both China Glaze and OPI and the only one that looks decent is OPI's Black Shatter.

Constantly Undone said...

Let the base color dry until it's not tacky anymore, and apply the crackle in as few strokes as possible are the top tips I can give. My good friend also did a tutorial that has been helpful:



Shivy said...

Thanks. I will check out her tutorial.

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