In shade and in sunshine....

Sometimes being a polish-a-holic seems like a marriage.   You find the ones that strike a chord with you, and your heart (or maybe your eyes) make unspoken vows.  

It may happen the moment you see a swatch (love at first sight).   
You may have had it as an untried forever (friend zone!) and fallen for it after years of owning it.  
Perhaps a friend saw it's potential (blind date) and gave it to you.   

Whatever the case, when the magic moment happens, you know.  You begin to treasure each coat you put on, buy backup bottles or stress when levels run low.  Near dupes cannot satisfy the need for this polish.

These are the ones you hide from your friends, the ones you always swap for, the ones it pains you to sell (despite your eighteen back up bottles).  The ones you'd bring with you to the cardboard box of your polish-induced homelessness.

Your heart croons to your polish...
"I will love you, in shade and in sunshine, artificial light or black light.  From this day forward, in chipping and in seche, in stamping and marbling and mani's of every possible variety; till tragic, carpet-destroying death do we part"

(OPI DS Sapphire over Zoya Caitlin)

Whether you're a holo girl or a cream lover, all about nail art or solid every time; in my mind, being a polish-a-holic is not the number of polishes you own, but their dearness to your heart.


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