Glitter guilty - July and August (mega post!)

Hey friends!   Thanks for not abandoning me - my computer has gone the way of the dinosaurs, so for a whole it's gonna be just iPhone posts for me.   

However, some things are TOO GOOD not to share, so without anymore bellyaching, here's some polish to please your peepers;
These beauties were in my July Glitter Guilty box; that's right, lacquer fiends, I scored the golden ticket and had TWO full size polishes in my box.  Talk about blessed!   And they play together so well.   

"Midsummer Night's Dream" (on the left), is absolutely a dreamy dark blackened blue, shimmering from the deep blue and fading to darkness on the curves of the nail, broken up by just enough gold hexes to add some complexity to the look.   I did get some shots on the nail of this delight.
The aptly named "Pomp and Circumstance" is a clear based glitter bomb of gold hexes and micro utters, broken up by a touch of blue hexes that pick up the tones in it's sister polish.

July's "monthly mini" was  "Summer Sunset", a peachy-pink jelly chock full of iridescent shimmers and flakies.

I had a vision of a cute chevron mani that didn't really play out that well, but you can peek anyway.
The accent nails are another Glitter Guilty winner, "Lime Rickey".   The pink/purple base is Sinful Colors "Dream On", and the orange is Zoya "Coraline" from the Birchbox blogger collection.   The thumb has a bit of Zoya "Kate" from the same set.  It's all topped with "Summer Sunset".

The preferences I listed for July I also left for August, and were as follows;

Colors you love?
Into combinations lately: Navy & champagne, Gold & Nude Pinks, Grey & Violet, or something patriotic
Colors you hate?
baby pink, heart glitter

So with these same responses, here's my lovelies for August!!!  The monthly mini was beyond precious, and being modeled by my own mini-me.  It's named "State Fair" and embodies the whimsy of that perfectly.
This sweet little bottle is a delicate grey-blue base, with teeny little round hot pink glitters, small matte red blue and blush pink hexes, slightly smaller reflective white hexes, and some large matte blush pink hexes and blue hexes.   Sounds complicated, but translates beautifully - and applies really nicely.   (Forgive hangnails and cuticles, my model is 9!)

And, finally, my August "monthly me" was this lovely mermaid-tail concoction.  It's called "Violet Vixen", a violet jelly base loaded with large holographic lilac hexes, large champagne hexes, large teal hexes, small square sheer champagne, lime, and teal glitters, and matching tiny dot glitters.

This was four coats, and a topping of seche vite.

That's all for now, lovies, but I promise to post my referral bonus soon!


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