Julep lovelies dance the polka!

Hey there, readers!   I was honored to receive 8 entries into the "Show me your mug" contest, and am awaiting a decision from the 3rd judge before the unveiling will happen!   I can tell you that you are gonna be blown away!

But while you're waiting, here's a quick post featuring the manicure I did for Julep's NOTD contest.  It features Julep's Samantha, Hayden, and Amy - all go on so nicely, too!   If you'd like to vote for my entry, you can do so up to once per hour by clicking here and then clicking "vote" - feel free to share it on your wall so your friends can get involved, too!
Special thanks to Mommy Does her Nails for loaning me Hayden and Amy for this one!


Liesl said...

My phone won't allow me to vote! Saaaad face. Good luck, though, your's and C's manis are gorgeous! I love that coral. That must be Samantha.

Jen Sky Walker said...

Wait, I can vote every hour?!? I just voted for these, but I am setting a timer so I can go back. I really like the colour combo you used.

Constantly Undone said...

Thanks ladies! Yes, once per hour - wild if you ask me, but I'll use it how I can!

Jen Sky Walker said...

I keep voting, but the other people are still getting votes as well! Grr! I'm not giving up though!

Sonoma Bento said...

So how're things coming with the Show Me Your Mug contest? I'm super anxious to see the entries! This was such a great idea for a contest. :)

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