Minicure Monday: Tangled in her...TOMS?!?!?

OK, I admit it.   I just did this minicure to show off the makeover I gave my princess' Tom's.
You see, after much Tom's bashing and resistance, I finally assimilated and bought a pair for my darling daughter's first year of public school this year.   This is the pair we picked up:

Super adorable, right?  But, true to Tom's and especially true to this fabric, the toe soon wore out and was threadbare.  Soon, as in after less than 10 uses.
As a frugal mommy, this was deeply upsetting - especially given the high quality of the sole and insole of the shoe.   So, instead of tossing them, I decided to try the ever popular makeover - Tangled style.   I know you're dying now, right?  OK, here's the photos:

 The finished product (and look, nails!   See, this is relevant...)

A couple of comparisons of the damaged shoe, and the finished product for you:

 I won't lie - it was a lot of work, a fair bit of frustration, but she and I are both ecstatic 
with the end product - even better than the original.  


serendipitously.create said...

This post is bursting with awesome - the nails are soooo cute and the shoes are just as cute! I love it <3

Ashley G. said...

you did a great job...they are cute

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