Mini post: Bieber Groupie Franken and Stamping...

Please forgive my absence, I've really been trying to strengthen my nails and techniques - I've got a super exciting post coming Monday, involving Toms, Tangled, and my lovely daughter's mini mani.   But for today, just a quick refeature of my franken. "Bieber Groupie" - to tell you the truth, I have only ever heard "Baby" and I'm not personally a Bieber-ite, but that's the first thing this franken polish made me think of when I finished creating it.   

I recently discovered it's brilliance in stamping - here, layered over Zoya "Blaire", a fun vampy red.  
(Bieber Groupie alone)
I intend to decant a little bit of this and send it to my Polish Aholics Anonymous Secret Santa.   I hope she loves it!


Ashley G. said...

that is a pretty franken. I wish I was the one receiving that polish :)

serendipitously.create said...

Such an amazing layer on this - I just adore this combination!

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