Rare Oregon Sunshine results in holo polish mani!

I Yes, we get our share of rain here in Oregon.   It's glorious, smells amazing, and leaves us with lush and diverse greenery everywhere. 

However.   It also most likely bred my taboo lack if obsession with holo polishes.   In fact I have only three in my possession...please don't murder me in my sleep, polish world!    

Here is the glorious "Strap on your Moonboots" by China Glaze.  

I love that it's gorgeous all on it's own.   Even minus the sun-seduced holographic curve, the almost denim blue is just dreamy.   

Keep an eye out, I've got that Lisa Frank gradient tutorial coming up soon!

Constantly Undone


Rubys Nails said...

I love that the new holograms look good without sun too. That's why I got a few of them.

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