Water marble win!

Water Marble win!

Hi polish lovers!  I HAD to share one of my favorite, and most successful manicures to date!   If you're unfamiliar with water marbling, but want to try, I suggest you tubing a video before you begin. 
For this one, I used a base color of Color Club's "Sweet Pea" from the blossoming collection released this spring.  The turquiose is Zoya's "Wednesday", also from this Spring, and the blue is Barry M "Indigo". 

The real win here is the accent dots, in my opinion.  I first saw this in a facebook group called "Polish-aholics Anonymous".    I couldn't find the original, but this just elevates the look so much.   I will probably almost always dot my marbles from now on. 

Thanks for reading!


Jackie said...

beautiful...love the color combo, the dots really make it!

Elizabeth Lefevre said...

I tagged you for a Leibster Award! Your questions, as well as rules, can be found in my post here: http://nottoopolished.blogspot.com/2012/08/ive-been-nominated-for-leibster-award.html

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