Dear Africa...

Hey friends!   Just wanted to share something fun I got to do recently - our church has a longstanding relationship with the churches in Sierra Leone, our pastor usually visits at least once a year.  This last month, we were blessed by a visit from one of the pastors we have had relationship as a church with.  

He shared a lot about what is going on in their country, and I felt compelled to send something home to him and the ladies in his family - so I gathered a few of my favorites and some that seemed destined to live in a place with more sun that Oregon gets, and here was the final result:
Sinful Colors Kismet Elated, Zoya Reva, Julep Diane and Chloe (hidden underneath), Color Club Age of Aquarius, Finger Paints Tiffany Imposter, Sinful Colors Cinderella, Loreal Owl's Night, Zoya Tru, Pure Ice Oh Baby, Essence Glorious Aquarius.

I guess that they will be equally as excited to recieve the box I packaged them in (which I did for safe traveling), according to my pastor's wife.   She said that sometimes they bring bubbles, and everyone wants the box that the bubbles came in - the things you don't know until you experience them yourself, lol.   If it goes over well, I may try to send more the next time that they head over (*probably this fall). 


Liesl (lieslloves) said...

What a lovely idea. Any feedback on how they were received? I bet those ladies were SO EXCITED!

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