Swirling spring

Hi friends!   I've got something brewing today - it's all the colors of spring, and tons of fun!   You've seen some water marbles I've done before, and I'll admit this one took doing and re-doing to get right, but I'm SO pleased with the results.  Here's the players:
 Zoya Keiko, Shawn, Happi, and Kendal
(Please excuse the mess, the girls got a bit messy playing today...)

 Here's my left hand - doesn't this just scream "SPRINGTIME!" to you?
The ever elusive right hand makes an appearance - say hello!
And here's something special - Happi has microglitter in it that really shines through if you find the right light.  It's light green and compliments Shawn oh so well.   I'd give you a better picture, but the sun is a rare visitor here in Oregon.  I'll post an update picture if I can get one!


Emma Thea said...

Eeek! This is beautiful! I will have to try water marbling with Zoyas soon :)

Jackie said...

this is beautiful!!!

Liesl (lieslloves) said...

Beautiful!! I would totally wear a dress that looked like your pattern. :)

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