Backlog post: Welcome, fall!

Hey friends!   This is my first freehand mani since I began blogging, forgive me for using an old one (I did it a couple of weeks ago), but I really wanted to share it with you.  And I am sick with the zombie virus, so this may be the last chance to see my nails before I start eating brains, and who knows what that will do to my nail quality.

 I did some sponging on the bottom layer, with greens and oranges (details to follow), and then freehanded Loreal "Owl's Night" over the top. 
Sally Hansen "Ivy League", Sinful Colors "Rich in Heart", Loreal "Owl's Night", Julep "Zoe",  and Zoya "Shawn"

Now, off to make lunch.  Braiiiiiinssss.....


serendipitously.create said...

No brains!! Srsly though I ADORE this manicure - simply stunning!

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